Liaisons: herramientas para prevenir el extremismo violento a través de la información juvenil

Santander,23.07.2018 - La Red Internacional de Información Juvenil ERYICA publica esta guía con el objetivo de proporcionar un conjunto de herramientas con las que prevenir extremismo violento a través de la información juvenil.

"Liaisons is the product of the Partnership Agreement between the Council of Europe and the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA). The Partnership aims to promote and develop European co-operation within the field of youth information and counselling. Methods include, in particular, the development of training activities and resources for actors working in the youth sector, in line with the needs and demands expressed by Members States of the Council of Europe and other countries who have signed up to the European Cultural Convention. "

"Four days after the November 2015 Paris attacks, a working group of the French-speaking members of ERYICA convened, where it was decided to put forward an idea to the Council of Europe to develop a preventative tool, aimed specifically at those working in the youth sector ..."

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